Thursday, September 17, 2009

Princess Jenna

Between the baby and wedding, my little sister was feeling a little neglected and forgotten about, but she soon found out that her day was coming! Jenna was voted as the sophomore homecoming princess for Jerome last we headed down Friday night for the half-time show of the football game to watch the royalty be presented. Seeing Jenna all dressed up was fun- and out of the norm....we had to all convince her she couldn't wear her boots with her dress. She protested, but after seeing how far she had to walk in heels and in front of SO MANY people, we really should have let her! We are so proud of Jenna for the great example and good friend she is to those around her. She is always so full of fun and laughs - we love you Jen!

It was interesting being back in J-town for a football game. Lot's of good memories for both Jed and I. We saw a lot of teachers and faculty we hasn't seen for awhile. Jed couldn't believe he used to play in front of such a crowd. Our "small town spouses" were a little amazed by the scene. I think Austin realized it isn't the norm to be able to pull up to the football field in your pickup to watch the's a luxury! :)

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