Thursday, June 4, 2009

Warning: This is an UPDATE!

Yes, we are alive. Yes, I have been absolutely horrible about keeping things updated. And yes, we have news to share! Our biggest surprise to all is that we are expecting a baby boy on September 16th (our 4 year wedding anniversary!) Austin and I are so excited, it has been such a long, difficult, and emotional road, but we are getting so close! The other part of this is that I am on complete bedrest until the baby comes. When I was 20 weeks along I had a surgery to put in a cervical cerclage and was ordered to bed. So, here I've sat for the last 8 weeks (I know, I've had plenty of time to update). We still are not out of those scary weeks yet, but things have remained stable, and with that, we feel like we can finally share with everyone are exciting news. We have been told to be prepared for an early delivery sometime this summer, but just thank Heavenly Father for each week I get to lay here and keep him in the oven! :) We are going to make it- I knew I married a great guy, but this has just been another testifying experience! Austin is keeping up with the yardwork, garden, house, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and oh, WORK! This has been quite the humbling, patience building experience of my life- all I can say is thank goodness for labtops and wireless internet and amazing family and friends! Honestly though, this experience makes you so grateful for the simple things, and the things you just take for granted in everyday life.

Other family news is that my brother Jed is getting married! Jed met Marcee Coleman at school in Rexburg, where they shared many different classes together. She is from Mud Lake and will become part of our family on September 3rd in the Twin Falls Temple. We are excited that Jed has found someone that likes to join us in all of our fun, bad habits! We hope that we will be able to be with Jed this day--we will have to see what this kid has in mind!