Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Austin!

This is a few days overdue, but last week was Austin's birthday. I felt bad because there just wasn't much I could do from the couch to help him have a special day. About a month ago I had been planning ahead and trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday, thinking we didn't know where I would be or what the baby situation would be, and I wanted to make sure he had something to know how much I appreciate him! His birthday gift turned out to be a Traeger Grill, after my dad informed him it's the BEST thing in the world. I was a little skeptical, but it turned out he was right! Austin ended up getting it before his birthday, but I'm glad- I've been eating some delicious meals! This electric grill/smoker has made the best steaks, potatoes, asparagus, even pizza! We love it! It uses flavored pellets to add a great flavor, and because it's electric, it keeps a nice even temperature- nothing burned or under cooked! With these hot summer days Austin has been cooking dinner almost every night on it, so no mess in the kitchen. One less thing for him to clean! Maybe that's why he's liking this so much...

As for his actual birth"day", it was not that great of a day, which made me feel bad. We ended up not having any water at the house all day (pump problems in the well), but luckily Austin and his dad got it fixed by the end of the day, the end of a very HOT day. Poor Austin was exhausted- thank you Carol for dinner that night, it was delicious and very much appreciated. Luckily Austin did get some fun in on Saturday. He met my dad in Fairfield and they had a great day of motorcycle riding at one of our favorite places. It was a great break for Austin and I'm glad he was able to get away, even if it was for just a few hours. He deserved it! Yesterday we had a family dinner to celebrate Austin's birthday (of course the Trager was put to good use)...thank you to all our family for coming to be with us. It was good to see the Seamons and Merrick families, and enjoy some great food. Thanks everyone for your help- I couldn't have done it without you!

I am so grateful for my husband- he's the most kind hearted person I know and works so hard to support our family. He always amazes me with all of his talents and abilities! I appreciate all that he's doing for me and the baby right now- he never thinks of himself and has put our needs first. We couldn't have made it this far without him! We are now 32 weeks along and doing pretty good. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! We are both so excited to meet this little guy and bring him home!